:: Our Expert consultants:

International Consultants:

Dr. Prashant Jani

Dr. Prashant A. Jani (M.D.,FCAP,FRCPC)

Founder & Medical Director, OncoPath Diagnostics
Surgical Pathologist, Asst. Professor
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
Northern Ontario school of Medicine
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Runjan Chetty

Dr. Runjan Chetty (MB BCh, FFPath, FRCPath, FRCPA, DPhil (Oxon))

Head of Pathology, Department of Pathology,
University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Dr. Sara Edward

Dr. Sara Edward (FRCPath)

Diploma in Dermatopathology(RCPath. London)
Consultant in Soft Tissues & Dermatopathology
Dept. of Histopathology
St. James Institue of Oncology,StJames University Hospital, UK.

Dr. Rajendra Singh

Dr. Rajendra Singh MD

Dermatopathologist and Ast.Professor,
Dept. of Dermatology,UPMC

Dr. Rajkumar Vajpeyi

Dr. Rajkumar Vajpeyi MD, FACP, FRCP(C)

Consultant, Gastrointestinal Pathology,
Toronto General Hospital, Canada

Dr. Sanjeev S. Deodhare

Dr. Sanjeev S. Deodhare, MD, FRCPC

Associate Professor, Pathology and Molecular Medicine,
Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga, Canada

Dr. Dharam M. Ramnani

Dr. Dharam M. Ramnani, MD

Laboratory Director at the Virginia Urology Pathology Laboratory,
Richmond, Virginia, USA

Dr. Preeti Chaudhari

Dr. Preeti Chaudhari, M.D., DNB, FRCPath

Consultant Histopathologist,
Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln. UK

Our Regional Expert Consultants:

Dr. Vijay Satav

Dr. Vijay Satav M.D.

Consultant pathologist,
Satav Laboratory, Pune

Dr. Amol Harshe

Dr. Amol Harshe, M.D.

Consulting Pathologist